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TeamBoard 4


Easy to specify.
Easy to customize.
Easy to connect.
Easy to use, everyday.
Easy Does It!

The all-new TeamBoard 4 is the most natural interactive whiteboard yet. Connect and go with ease. TeamBoards revolutionary sensor provides a fast. natural interface- Little learners appreciate that a delicate touch registers easily. Those taller in stature or with more advanced applications appreciate the precision and control. Teachers love it that multiple students can interact simultaneously. T4 brings you an unparalleled combination of speed, multitouch accuracy, pressure response, and ease of use that can't be beat.

Precisely Accurate

Get ready for a new world standard in interactive whiteboard touch accuracy. TeamBoard 4 precision outperforms, with sub-2mm touch point accuracy, no ghosting, no dead zones, no scams, and no noise. Even 'drops' from optical occlusion are practically nonexistent thanks to T4‘s wide angle, wide sensor.

T4 is highly responsive, and high resolution ― operating at over 200% of “4k resolution, with over 16 MP on all models. As an interactive device boasting resolution greater than the capabilities of most standard operating systems, software, and projectors, T4 is the strong link in your system configuration.

Easy to install. Easy Does It!

Getting started with TeamBoard is easier than ever. Just plug in and start creating. Projector calibration not quite right? T4 calibrates easily with the Windows-resident calibration tool, in Control Panel. No drivers required. No special software required.

No loads

T4 is a revolution in human computer interaction thanks in part to a strict “NO LOADS policy. T4 does the work, and there is Zero processing load on the host computer. That translates to speed, uptime, and no hassles. Easy Does It. Plug and play,driverless! No load on host computer!

Effortless interaction and control

T4‘s unparalleled combination of speed, sensitivity, precision sets a new standard for intuitive human computer interaction. T4 is direct touch optimized and able to sense not only the smallest and lightest of touches, noiseless, but that‘s only the start. T4 is stylus-friendly, gloved-hand friendly, marker friendly, paintbrush friendly, tennis ball friendly, and more! Because every T4 ist Multiforce® compliant, it registers multiple levels of touch pressure, making it one of the world‘s most intuitive touch interfaces. With Multiforce compliant software, draw a continuous line with your finger or a paintbrush, varying your pressure - your digital ink responds, with accurate ramp-up and ramp-down of line width. Multiforce, introduced by TeamBoard in 2011, reaches a new level of intuition thanks to an all-new solid-state sensor. At the same time, T4 is insensitive in all the right ways. A robust surface that‘s built to last, paired with a sensor that can ignore false touches using static object detection and rejection. With palm rejection, lean on TeamBoard 4 with one hand, and continue drawing with your other, no problem.

Lightning fast response, and why it matters

Be prepared to be amazed. T4‘s blazing speeds mean responsive like you have never seen. T4 guarantees you‘ll enjoy fast, accurate response across the full surface of the board, seamless. T4 outperforms - by a wide margin - the Windows 8® requirements for initial touch latency and tracking speed lag time. With one user or four users, T4 keeps up. Many touch devices exhibit latency of 25-50ms (milliseconds), or even 100ms.

This is time delay between your touch, and the feedback to your touch. The higher this number is, the more your students 'bog down'. This matters on every touch device, but even more so on a large format device like an interactive whiteboard (Windows 8 standards call for 25ms or less for initial touch, and 15ms on subsequent touch). In rough terms, if you‘re drawing at 1 metre/second (~3 feet/second), a 100ms delay means your line object is trailing your finger by a good 10cm ― noticeable to the eye, and not intuitive.

T4 operates 15x faster than this, and students love it.

Features at a glance

  • Noiseless
  • Highly responsive
  • Lightning fast latency and tracking
  • Intuitive touch response
  • High resolution touch accuracy
  • Exceeds Windows 8 speed requirements by 100%

Sizes to fit any classroom, presentation theatre, or aspect ratio requirement

Our 4:3 aspect ratio model features the popular 81" Outer Dimension. Offering 20% more workspace is the 16:10 model, in a 92" OD. Finally, TeamBoard offers truly large format in a 16:9, 99" OD model.

All models feature a robust, aircraft grade aluminim frame surrounding the steel-backed, recycled paperboard core ― a proven design that is flat and true, from the company with more years manufacturing board laminations than anyone in the industry. Made in Canada. Part of “The Compleat TeamBoard comprehensive range of complementary products.

Easy to use, the old-fashioned way, too

We know you‘re not going live interactive 100% of this time. T4 is designed for that! Like every TeamBoard, T4 features our proprietary EVS® surface. Nobody knows dry erase like Egan, and your T4 is built ready for daily dry erase use all day, every day, and guaranteed to clean. Only EVS brings you a matte, low glare surface that is projection optimized, dry erase optimized, and, now for the first time ever, magnet compatible!

Finally, the bespoke interactive whiteboard. Only from TeamBoard.

Customize your TeamBoard with an array of useful accessories! lf you look closely at the frame, you'l I see another innovation: The TeamBoard System T Rail™. Running along the sides and bottom, the T Rail provides a secure mounting point for a range of integrated accessories - speakers, a laptop tray, marker tray,or even an additional whiteboard (handy for those non-interactive notes, agendas, or schedules!).

Easy to deploy. Easy to maintain. Easy Does it.

T4 features Egan TeamBoard‘s guaranteed to clean proprietary EVS® writing surface, the award-winning world standard for combination dry erase/projection surfaces. T4 features a new generation of EVS, better than ever. Teachers and students alike love the no-hassle, dust-free whiteboarding and so do facility managers, because T4 is easy to clean and keeps looking great.

T4 complements any space with a modern aesthetic. With a new, slim design/slim standoff, T4 installs on any wall using a standard Egan TeamBoard wall bracket, included free with every TeamBoard. Lightweight, and simple to hang. Power and USB cables can be routed to any corner, tucked nicely behind the board using the TeamBoard System T Rail for integrated cable management. Connect a computer up to 25‘ away with a standard USB cable. As part of the TeamBoard System, there is an array of installation solutions to suit any need ― height adjustable wall mounts, free-standing stands, TeamBoard Total Mobile (with 26"/66cm of powered vertical travel and integrated projector mount), and more. T4 is also compatible with a wide range of industry standards VESA mounts. On the wall or on a stand, nothing looks better. With its new low glare, guaranteed to clean surface, and modern and robust anodized aircraft-grade aluminium frame, the T4 aesthetics are surpassed only by its performance.

Licensing: We agree with you

T4 is easy to deploy, with teacher- and school-friendly hardware and software licensing policies. First, all TeamBoard hardware ships with a full site/staff license for TeamBoard DRAW.TM This means no worrying about whose PC is licensed, whose isn‘t, and where those keys are. Every computer in the school, and personal computers owned by your teachers, are all licenses. We let you focus on the learning, not the arbitrary rules for your tools. TeamBoard‘s open policies mean that you can use anybody‘s software on your board, and our software on any other hardware. And because TeamBoard is part of the IMS Global Learning Consortium and the Interactive Whiteboard Alliance, you can be confident that your content will be largely portable between platforms. ²TeamBoard can even help you with Lesson Plan Conversion and Lesson Plan Development ― contact TeamBoard Academy for details, and grow with TeamBoard.

Technical and Facility managers love it

Designed and manufactured in Canada by Egan TeamBoard Inc., since 1994, TeamBoards are designed with the technical and facility manager in mind. T4 is optimized for no-hassle maintenance. T4 raises the bar on the simplicity of ownership. A flat and true steel-backed foundation. Robust frames. Solid state sensors. EVS surface. Plug and Play. Simple policies.

T4 uses a solid state optical sensor unlike any other ― it‘s not sensitive to ambient or directional lightning. Sensor performance is unaffected by illumination changes, and does not require special shading, oversize frames, refraction strips, large whiteboard margins, special room positioning, 'how to touch' instruction manuals, or other similar compromises. Plug it in and go. And go it will ― T4 has an estimated 30,000 hour service life (6,000 school days). The entire T4 board and sensor are one fully-integrated, solid-state device, with no moving parts. This, combined with the overall industrial design, add up to a robust, professional-grade board with excellent dimensional stability. TeamBoard offers a variety of warranty options to suit you needs.

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