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Video Conferences with Polycom

Polycom –
the optimal conference hardware for Lync

Effectively managing video conferences is the biggest challenge facing an IT department. Reducing the number of calls involving video support or the need for "White Glove" services for video applications are also problematic. Are the users of your video conference room distracted by problems with video or audio quality? Can they see and hear the speaker clearly? Do you have to swing the camera round to draw attention to the current speaker? Are the users frustrated by having to use yet another new interface? Solve these problems and you will see: the video conference suite will be used again more frequently. If the suite is better utilized you will be fully exploiting the benefits of video collaboration and achieve the original investment objective. For users of Microsoft ® Lync, the Polycom ® with the CX5100 Unified Conference Station, with its truly unique video solution incorporating a 360° panoramic view, is the solution to these challenges.


  • optimized communication through automatic display of the actual speaker in real HD quality
  • full ability to follow the flow of conversation
  • involve all participants simultaneously through the Conference Hall 360° panorama view
  • minimal training costs thanks to simple USB-Plug-and-Play-Function, so that little or no training is necessary
  • Minimal support cost and the achievement of the optimum ROI with increased utilization of space for mutual collaboration

Important Functions

  • 360° USB camera with a resolution of 1080p with recognition of active speaker
  • Auto-detection of the active speaker and video streaming output in panoramic view
  • Microphone range of up to 6 meters
  • Audio: 160 Hz - 22 kHz
  • Optimized for use with Microsoft Lync 2013 and Lync video room systems

More Productive Meetings

Because it is optimized for Microsoft Lync the CX5100 Unified Conference Station combines the powerful aural, video and content collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Lync in a unique 360-degree panoramic view of the entire conference suite. Using advanced technology a second HD video view of the current speaker is also sent in a video resolution of 1080p, which automatically detects the actual speaker and tracks the flow of conversation thereby guaranteeing improved and more interactive communication. A remote control is no longer needed. Benefit from a hands-free experience where you can forget technology and focus directly on your meeting.

Unified Conference Station

This Lync application allows simple video conferencing and is fully integrated in the normal calendar function of Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. Polycom offers a 360 ° degree USB camera which was specifically designed for use in Microsoft Lync and enables an almost ‘real presence’ meeting. Furthermore, content can be shared and displayed on interactive team boards and notes and presentations are then made immediately visible to all participants.​​