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TeamBoard Software

TeamBoard WizTeach


WizTeach tools are designed to allow teachers the choice of tool combinations for the subject that they teach. Addressing a wide variety of learning needs across a spectrum of subjects, teachers can select as few or as many WizTeach tools to display on screen at any one time. Read more ...

TeamBoard DisplayNote


This software finally provides the teacher/presenter the ability to work away from the main ‘host’ interactive board and/or multi touch screen. The teacher can now teach or the presenter can present from anywhere else in the room using the local network OR over the internet. The software works with any remote devices including, smartphones or tablets running iOS, Windows or Linux operating systems. Read more ...

TeamBoard Draw

TeamBoard Draw

TeamBoard Draw is an advanced presentation, training and communication application that adds remarkable functionality to the TeamBoard. TeamBoard Draw features whiteboard capture, and presentation annotation software in a simple to use software package that enriches interactive whiteboard use by creating digital notes that can be shared and reused. Read more ...

TeamBoard ION.

TeamBoard ION.

The industry’s newest interaction software lets you harness aggregation, creation, interaction, presenting, and one touch publishing tools on the world’s most advanced interactive boards. Read more ...