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TeamBoard M Mounting

Fixed wall brackets
Height adjustable wall brackets
Motorized height adjustable wall brackets
Mobile holders

Features at a glance

  • Balancer mechanism with two high-quality springs
  • Electrical height adjustment mechanism
  • Built-in mount for the projector arm
  • Universal board holder to accommodate almost all TeamBoards
  • Expansion of the holders to a portable system
  • Expansion of the boards with whiteboard wings

The wall mounting elements are available as fixed wall mount elements as well as a height-adjustable or motorized height-adjustable system. The height-adjustable system and the motorized height-adjustable system feature a high quality balancer spring mechanism for easy and silent height adjustment.

The system is supplemented by an integrated housing for the projector arm and universal board holders. Both these components are necessary for a wall-mounted system. To maximize your workspace we offer optional whiteboard wings for mounting on the board. Make portable by adding the optional chassis to your system.

Numerous projector mounts can be combined with the concealed height adjustment mechanisms. The projector mount is inserted and fixed into the receptacle on the balancer spring mechanism. In the event that a projector must be changed then the projector mount can also be easily replaced.