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TeamBoard DisplayNote


TeamBoard DisplayNoteWith the growing need for social and remote learning, HDI offers DisplayNote pr​oviding a truly powerful software that captures, annotates, controls, saves and broadcasts lessons/presentations. This is done on a 2-way communication method between ‘host to remote. End users have a choice to adopt a “host-to-one remote” or “host-to-many remotes” system collaborating between hosts and all remotes. This software finally provides the teacher/presenter the ability to work away from the main ‘host’ interactive board and/or multi touch screen. The teacher can now teach or the presenter can present from anywhere else in the room using the local network OR over the internet. The software works with any remote devices including, smartphones or tablets running iOS, Windows or Linux operating systems.


  • Capture the presenter’s notes, slides, images and video in real-time and on your own device
  • Highlight what is important to you and send annotations to other connected devices
  • Work together in groups of any size and on any device, ideal for collaborative learning
  • Share annotations with the presenter and other connected devices
  • Add written notes and references to any slide, image and video
  • In presenter mode, use your tablet device to present from anywhere in the room, access and control your desktop, create collaborative groups, pass control to other participant’s devices and even view the screen of another connected device
  • Save your presentations, including images and notes to review anywhere at anytime
  • Send and receive private messages with the presenter and other connected devices while you work
  • Will work on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.) and across all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Additional presenter and student licences available